A Cool, Strange journey to Shimla by world haritage railway

This Toy Train track is a real fun. If you want to go shimla then you should forget your laxury car! The 95 kilometer long Kalka-Shimla Railway track, a unique feat of engineering, was laid under the guidance of Bhalku Sirmauri (Hi was a Shepherd). He guided the engineers showing them the line, the track should take. After completion of the project he rewarded by a tag of Civil Engineer.
Legends is that the track was revealed to him by the Devta(God). Railway line was laid exactly on the trace shown by him.

It was built under the supervision of H.S. Harington, Chief Engineer. From 1847 the narrow gauge track (2ft. 6 in. gauge) runs through picturesque mountain scenery ascending from 2800 feet to 7000 feet. From Kalka (at 640 m) the track rises to Simla Railway Station (2060 m) through 102 tunnels and passes through 800 bridges and 900 curves.

The 105-year-old railway line that meanders through the hills between Kalka and Shimla, covering 102 tunnels and 800 bridges, now officially declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

The Kalka-Shimla railway line was built during British rule to connect the then summer capital of India, Shimla, with other parts of the country. The two-feet-six-inches narrow gauge railway line that covers a distance of 96 km was officially opened for traffic Nov 9, 1903.

It covers 20 railway stations on this 96 km stretch. Some of prominent tourist spots are Dharampur, Solan, Kandaghat, Taradevi, Barog, Salogra and Summerhill.

There are also ghost tales associated with these tunnels. A popular lore is of the engineer who built the tunnel at Barog(longest tunnel 2.8 Km) town. He is said to have committed suicide after committing an error while drafting its design. Many passengers have claimed to have seen the ghost of the engineer sitting near the railway track. And one thing that I will personaly want to add is If you are a photographer and fond of natural photography then you must!!...must. use this
track..because speed of this train is so slow that you can step down anywhere for photography and board again!

So when you are coming to shimla?